Monday, August 16, 2010

Party & Snickerdoodles

So last Saturday I was invited to Denver's birthday barbecue, and I had a ball of a time! Most of the time I was just cracking crude jokes or doing Bon Qui Qui impersonations, which I think most people I meet have already associated me with hahaha. Half of us were in the same Drama Club in secondary school and I haven't seen them in ages! God how I miss you guys.

Some pictures:

Pretty girls :)

My hair is nasty but I still like this pic

With the birthday boy in the middle (my eyes closed ugh)


I wish Noreen could have come too! She would have so entertained all my nonsense.

Child, please.



With Shella darling

Coach Carr! Trang-Pak ain't feelin' too well!
 Photo credits: Julian

Can I just say that Denver's sister is a great cook? She owns a frickin' Kitchenaid and a Le Creuset pot for heaven's sake! I'd KILL for those. Ugh.

I met new people like Farouk in the picture above and John and Hadrian and they're all soooo darling hahaha. We were quoting Mean Girls & Bon Qui Qui the whole night.

Hope you had a good birthday Denver! xoxo

On another food-related note,

I made snickerdoodles today. If you haven't heard of snickerdoodles you must have imagined noodles. Or Snickers. Or something.

Actually, they're cookies!  Basically butter cookies rolled in cinnamon sugar. But guess what!! Visually, my cookies turned out to be a big flop.


They were much browner than they were supposed to be and they look burnt! Sigh. I have no idea why, but I think I should have used finer sugar and a little less cinnamon next time.

They still tasted nice and buttery though.

I know I said I wanted to bake something else in the previous post, but these cookies have the ingredients that I already have in my cabinet and are so easy to make!

If you still want the recipe, I used Martha Stewart's here. They look so much lighter.

Maybe next time I'll redo them and we'll see what the problem...


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