Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Malay Thanksgiving

So today my whole family was at home because my mum decided to throw a kenduri (mini celebration) because a) it's my sister's first year wedding anniversary, b) we just moved house and c) my dad's birthday is around the corner! Sort of like a car pool party, if you get what I mean.

Usually these Malay kenduris would involve a lot of relatives and cousins and neighbours and whatnot, but  what I like about my family is that we only hang out with ourselves. We're our own cool clan, yo.

My mother was contemplating between cooking and buying food, but my dad convinced her to fix her own dishes. What is a kenduri without home-cooked Malay food? Absurd.  (I am all talk but in truth I can hardly fix any of these dishes. I prefer to bake teehee)

Here are the oil and calorie-laden eats (but so worth it) for your viewing pleasure:

Bagedil (Potato croquettes).

Ayam Lemak Cili Api. Chicken in coconut milk, turmeric, lemongrass, etc.

Sambal Ikan. Fish in chilli paste.

And a personal favourite of mine from my mother:

Daging Rendang. Beef in.. magic sauce.

The food had to stay untouched till my older brother reaches home from work at 8pm. Pffft.

Momma & I. Gasp. I have no eyeliner.

Wearing a songkok (religious headwear, something like a Jew cap). I think my liddle bwother is starting to sprout some facial hair! I spot a shadow hahaha!

WoNkY eyes

Actually, I don't really fancy Indian or Malay food. I prefer pastas and super spicy Chinese food but when you eat your own weight in hor fun and ban mian and aglio olios and sandwiches every day, eating with your hands don't seem so bad once in a while ;)

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