Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Recently there seems to have been a trend going about Red Velvet cakes.. so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Actually these have been on my ''To-Bake" list since forever but I just decided to put them off for other more interesting recipes. My friends have been asking me to bring some of the goodies off Lolita Darling for them though, so I thought I'd just bring them these adorable cupcakes!

Tried them today and don't they just look so precious

Red velvet cake is really actually just a coloured chocolate cake. I mean why not make chocolate cake more awesome by colouring it a rich maroon right?

I took pictures before and after it rained, so that's why some pictures have brighter lighting than others. Like this one.

I was looking for a bright red colouring, but all I could find around the neighbourhood was cochineal red. I was so annoyed! I didn't want a cherry red at all, I wanted like, Santa's outfit. Marilyn Monroe lips. A Stop sign. Bright red.

Looking at the messy batter around the liners makes me want to wipe it off and clean myself and scrub my toes. I'm slightly OCD when it comes to baking and if you are too, then this picture is just to torture you.

In the end it turned out better than I expected. I suppose a bright red wouldn't give it a 'velvety' look.

Baked with a nice dome! It's cracked in the middle but I really don't mind because we're gonna cover it up with icing anyway!

Pipe on some of that delicious sweet cream cheese icing, with a pretty tip if you have or you could just cut a hole in a bag. Personally I like my cupcakes simple and unadorned with any extra stuff.



Hurray! I'm really glad at how they turned out. These are actually from the second batch which rose perfectly. My first batch overflowed, so I suggest filling the cupcake liners up to only half before sliding them into the oven! Also rotate them halfway so that you get an even deep, scarlet colour throughout.

Almost too pretty to eat.

*EDIT: Oh yes! I've also made a Facebook page for Lolita Darling, so click the 'like' button for updates, hissy fits and more! Thank you for your support everybody, mmmmwah.

Link here.


  1. Hi there! Those cupcakes look fantastic! I've seen that cupcake wrapper in so many different places -- could I ask where you got them? Thanks!

  2. hello! hmm i got that from a neighbourhood baking shop.. shops selling solely baking supplies should have it! these are really good and sturdy, you don't even actually need a muffin pan!

    thanks for reading and hope you find them!


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