Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cherry & Chocolate

Munching on Starbucks cherry chocolate muffin for supper :) Initially I brought it into the cinema to snack on while watching The Social Network(interesting movie) but didn't remember to eat it. I can really absentminded at times.

Check out my teapot set for one in the background! I bought that in Perth and have been using it to drink my strawberry cream green tea (as seen in top left of picture) frequently. Isn't it just precious? I love it so much that I use it to eat ice cream as well. Teapots are just so quaint and adorable! I have a lovely teapot ring I bought from my Perth trip as well:

Unfortunately the top part of the ring has popped off, and I need to superglue it back but as I have already told you, my absentminded mind prevents me from remembering to buy some. Which reminds me I have to get a new set of contact lenses... Ugh. I need an organizer.

Check out these Mrs. Potts cake pops as well. SO INGENIOUS. I love Beauty & the Beast.

Haven't been baking much lately. Been pretty occupied with work and my sister's new baby whom I absolutely ADORE. I'm an aunt!

Look at Little Miss Pudgy-Cheeks here. Her name is Alya and she's three weeks old. How is she so small?? I can nuzzle and sniff her alllllllll day and I go crazy whenever she responds to me. I sometimes even yelp when sniffing because I can't contain the overwhelming adorableness. Yea.. I'm pretty weird.

Oh! My workplace which I work after school hours at is closing in December.. &Faizah (my colleague and best friends since our preteens) and I are a little saddened by it because we like the place and the people. I'm trying to fit in as many hours as possible before December so that I don't need to scurry for another job after it closes. Government taking over the land :/ Whut.

I didn't realise but my senior colleague pointed out that I have worked there for a whole year! The months have whizzed past so fast.. geez. It's really a nice place to chill out because it's open air so come on over before it closes! I usually work on weekends and I'm door host (or b*tch HAHA).

Or you know, just come and say hello to me:)

Oooh, currently watching Otis Redding videos on Youtube:

I love old music.



  1. I love smelling newborn babies! Your niece is cute!

  2. i knowwwww theyre so smellable! everyday i must have one long smell off the baby before i get outta the house heehee

  3. I've never really met a newborn baby in person. S'like I'm living under a rock, eh? x3
    The teapot ring looks so cute! But I'd be too scared to wear it for more than five minutes, for fear of the problem that happened to you. x3

  4. hahaha i didnt before this baby either! dont worry youll come across one soon! i was afraid to put on the ring too but i just haaaaaaave to show it off!

  5. Aww, you're not weird! A family friend just had a baby and she's SO cute - she has these absolutely enormous bright blue eyes and she giggles like she's watching something hilarious if I spin the dangly rabbit on her crib. x3 That often makes me squeal too, from sheer cute overload, so I know how you feel!

    I love that teapot ring, how pretty!

  6. Aw! My niece still doesnt giggle yet.. :( she just sleeps a lot, lazy bum.


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