Monday, September 13, 2010


G'day mate!

I contemplated squeezing in a recipe post before I leave for Perth for 8 days from Wednesday onwards, but figured that I best leave it for after my school trip so that I don't feel so rushed. Yeap, it is a school trip and I just got my vaccination jab today for the first time (I think). The doctor also drew blood to test for my blood type, and was gentle, but unfriendly.

I don't like when doctors are unfriendly. To me, doctors have some sort of a childhood relation so when they are unfriendly, you feel like, Barney the dinosaur has been unfriendly or something. Such a disappointment.

Anyway, before he stuck the needle in he told me to look away, but brave ol' me said I wanted to look, heehee. I still have a bruise from it. *poke* Ow.

I don't think I'll be bringing my laptop to Perth so I'll not be updating for a full week. I promise an abundance of pictures though! I'm quite excited :)


A few photos that caught my fancy, categorized-

Recipe inspiration:

Sugar cookies are pretty versatile when it comes to shape and colour.

I've been wanting to make ice pops for quite some time, would be so blissful when licking them under the sweltering heat here in Singapore.

Crazily adorable sheep cake pops from the amazing Bakerella.

And the occasional savoury dish that catches my fancy:

Pesto pasta. Pesto is just so delicious and is about 7-8 dollars per bottle the last time I checked.
I think I'm gonna get one soon and whip up a simple pasta or spread it on a chicken sandwich.

Style inspiration:

I love collared dresses like this pretty one on Alexa Chung.

This ensemble has sort of a 1930s feel. I like her leather purse and her felt hat.

Looking fabulous in NYC

& a little vintage:

Gorgeous shot of Brigitte Bardot.

Till my trip is over,

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